Site like MYM: full list of alternatives to MYM Fans

Top 7 similar sites to OnlyFans: Discover MYM and other alternatives

Following OnlyFans’ temporary decision to ban adult content (which they subsequently reversed), many creators are looking for similar platforms. Despite OnlyFans’ essence of offering a single platform for creators, the persistent threat to ban adult content has encouraged many to look elsewhere. If you’re looking for a site like MYM or other alternatives to OnlyFans, here’s a look at the best options currently available:

1. MYM (MYM Fans):

MYM is a social platform similar to OnlyFans. It covers a wide range of content, from fitness to music, while accepting adult content. However, the platform seems to favor non-adult creators more. Although MYM takes a 25% commission on subscriptions, it only takes 20% on private media and 10% on tips. Unique features include the ability to offer personalized content and a « push media » function to maximize revenue.

2. Fansly:

Focused on adult content, Fansly is a relevant alternative to OnlyFans, especially if you’re creating adult content. The platform takes a 15% commission, which is lower than OnlyFans. It also offers different subscription tiers, giving creators greater flexibility.

3. Fanvue:

Based in the UK, this platform focuses on promoting creators. It takes 15% of creators’ revenues. Fanvue stands out for its discovery function and its ability to schedule content. Cryptocurrency payments and the ability to sell NFT are also in the pipeline.

4. FanCentro:

Primarily aimed at adult content creators, FanCentro has a standard commission of 20%. The platform has been around since 2017 and features an import function for users coming from OnlyFans.

5. JustForFans (JFF):

Particularly popular in the LGBT community, JFF is a platform focused on adult content. It also charges a 20% commission and emphasizes direct interaction with fans.

6. LoyalFans:

This platform is tailored to adult content creators, with a commission similar to OnlyFans at 20%. It offers various methods for interacting and monetizing your fan base.

7. Patreon:

More focused on the general public, Patreon is a membership platform with varying levels. Commissions range from 5% to 12%, depending on the plan chosen. However, it’s not ideal for explicitly adult content.

In conclusion, whether you’re looking for a site like MYM or other alternatives to OnlyFans, the market offers many options. Make sure you choose the one that best suits your needs and your audience.

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