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MYM Fans – A French social network to bring content creators closer to their community

The internet is currently witnessing the growth of various social networks and platforms aimed at entertaining the general public, at a time when digital technology is an important component of people’s daily lives. While some people enjoy playing online games, others like to follow the daily lives of their favorite celebrities. Celebrities can share a variety of content (videos, photos, etc.) with their fans on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. They can generate money through these digital platforms, in addition to developing a vibrant community and communicating with their followers.

One of the many social platforms to emerge in recent years is MYM, aka Me You More.

But how exactly does this social media platform work? What unique qualities does it possess?

How does MYM work?

In 2019, following on from the success of the British platform OnlyFans, a French startup called MYM Fans has been created. This platform differs from others already saturating the Internet, in that it addresses both MYM Creator (influencers, artists, celebrities, etc…) and their followers. Me You More (formerly Meet Your Model) is much more than a simple exchange and sharing platform; it gives producers the advantage of being paid for the content they publish. On the other hand, fans have the chance to see unique and exclusive content that their favorite stars don’t publish on other social media platforms.

A fan can also send a mymfan personality personalized media requests with tailored content by subscribing to that person’s account. The MYM Creator is then free to decide how much content to send, as well as its rate, and to accept or reject a subscriber’s request. However, it can also provide « push » media (locked content offered to fans) through which it is paid for each unlock request made by its followers.

It’s worth noting that a fan can’t access all the content on his idols’ profiles without a subscription. Most of the content can be hidden and is only accessible to fans who have subscribed. Subscription prices are quite varied, as each model is allowed to set its own prices; you’ll generally need to spend between €10 and €20 a month to subscribe to an MYM Creator. What’s more, fans have the option of taking out a monthly or annual subscription to obtain a discount on the subscription price. What’s more, fans can choose to subscribe to several models if they wish.

In France, the platform is effective. It has registered over 15,000 profiles of models and celebrities in France since its introduction in November 2019 through to early April 2020. Would you like to register as a MYM Creator? Then take a look at our Become a MYM Creator page to find out more.

A revenue-generating tool for MYM Creators

Simply put, Mymfan fans enable the models to make a profit. As already mentioned, access to the photos or videos MYM Creators submit requires a monthly fee. These fees are decided by the models themselves. The more fans a star has on other social networks, the greater the chance of earning money.

Models can choose to be visible only to their followers on the social network because of its private nature. However, anyone can use the platform.

Me You More, formerly known as Meet Your Model, is the ideal social media platform for people who like to be exposed to the public and document their daily lives in photos and videos. Fans will have the satisfaction of paying a monthly fee to access the platform’s exclusive information, which they can’t get on other social media.

To follow one of your idols, you’ll need to take out a subscription (monthly, quarterly or yearly), valid only for that personality. You can, however, take out several different subscriptions if you want to follow different personalities on the MYM platform.

You’ll need to take out separate subscriptions, the cost of which is determined by your idols, if you want to follow more than one person at a time. Of course, monthly subscriptions are easily cancelled at any time. If you’re still wondering how the platform works in detail, take a look at our MYM is what page to learn all about it!

Mymfan uses revenue and sales optimization algorithms to help models promote their profiles on the site. Celebrities are able to increase their presence on the platform and attract more users. On MYM Fans, it’s essential to bear in mind that the larger and more active your community, the more money you’re likely to make.

It’s therefore essential for MYM Creators to take good care of their Mymfan account. Offering « extras » to subscribers is another effective technique for maximizing earnings, in addition to the number of members. A French model with a large number of subscribers can earn at least €500 every month, and this remuneration can rise to several thousand euros a month, depending on the size of the MYM Creator’s community.

What’s the difference between MYM and OnlyFans?

There are several differences between the MYM (French) and OnlyFans (British) platforms, and these should be taken into account before registering with either of them, if you wish to become a MYM Creator.

First of all, you should know that the commission system is more interesting for Creators registered on MYM. Mymfan actually takes 5% more commission than OnlyFans on Fans’ monthly subscriptions, but only takes 10% commission on Fans’ tips, unlike OnlyFans whose commission is 20%. Considering that this is generally the most important source of income for Creators, this makes a significant difference. On the private media side, the two platforms each charge a 20% commission.

Secondly, in terms of the payment methods offered to users, Mymfan once again surpasses OnlyFans, offering Fans the option of paying via Paypal, credit card or even cryptocurrency, whereas the British platform only allows payment by credit card.

Finally, one of the most important areas in which Mymfans is beating OnlyFans to the punch this time is in the search for Creators and their visibility. On OnlyFans, to find a Creator, fans are obliged to know the exact link to his or her profile, which considerably limits the ease of finding a particular Creator. MYM has overcome this problem perfectly, by allowing a complete search for Creators on their site. For example, a fan can search for a Creator using various filters, such as city, name, age or even keywords representing the Creator’s theme.

Putting all these points together, you can see that the MYM.fans platform far surpasses the British giant OnlyFans. For both Fans and Creators, Mymfans is more tailored to the needs of its users, giving them total freedom of use and freedom of choice on their platform. However, Mymfan remains a lesser-known platform than OnlyFans due to its more recent launch, but we seriously believe that the French platform has every chance of overtaking the British company over the coming months and years.

Below you’ll find a summary table to help you choose between the two platforms, if you’re still hesitating:

Service feesUser subscription25% commission20% commission
Private media sold by personality20% commission20% commission
User tips10% commission20% commission
User payment methodsCredit card
How the platform worksSimplified Creator Search
Search by keyword, name, city, age…

The fan must know the username of the Creator he/she wishes to follow and support.

How do I become a Creator on MYM?

You can create a Creator account on MYM Fans, whether you’re a model, influencer, artist or any other type of creative professional (woman or man). You can access the MYM Creators platform directly by clicking here. Registration on the social network is free, as it is for fans. However, unlike your subscribers, you can earn money by publishing content.

According to an optimistic estimate, if you have up to 10,000 committed members, you can earn between 900 and 4,500 euros a month, which is already a reasonably comfortable salary. For this, however, you already need to have a verified profile on Mymfan.

In addition, you need to meet the few prerequisites listed below, to obtain a certified profile:

  • Have one or more subscribers
  • Post at least five media items on your feed
  • Include your current, official contact details (first and last name, address, etc.)
  • Verify your phone number
  • Have a bank account
  • Add a security selfie and authentic ID (passport or ID card).

Your MYM profile will receive a verification badge once you’ve completed these actions. The platform will also be able to verify your profile.

What content can I offer my fans on Mymfans?

The profiles of all MYM.fans Creators have a profile photo and a cover photo, as on most social networks, such as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. The account is thus identified and recognizable by fans. A cover photo can also be added to the profile. The page can be fully personalized with this photo. What’s more, it can lead to a higher conversion rate for memberships. The Creator can also write a description on his profile page, and include 3 hashtags, depending on his field of activity, and the type of content proposed.

Among the content available on MYM, 3 categories are available to Creators:

Push media on MYM

Creators have the option of sending a message to all their Mymfans subscribers (old ones too) one or more media (photo or video) that will appear as locked, offering fans a fee to unlock this exclusive content. MYM.fans can then choose whether or not to pay to unlock this media.

What is private media on MYM?

For a fee that is always decided by the authors, fans can make special requests to the Creators, in order to receive unique and private personalized media. Subscriber requests may be accepted or rejected at the discretion of the Creators, who will set the fee for the request.

MYM profile feed

Each Creator has a feed, as on Instagram, where they can share free or paid content. Free media, as the name implies, is accessible to all users, whether they subscribe to the Creator or not, and paid media will require a paid subscription to be viewed. Typically, Creators share around 10% of free content to give non-subscribers a taste of their content, and the rest of the media is usually private.

This is an effective technique for a model to show the public what they really have to offer on their profile. It’s also a technique that makes it easy to increase the number of subscribers. What’s more, only those who have subscribed to the designer’s profile will be able to view the paid content.

Please note that the platform reserves the right to examine the content of each piece of media before making it available to Mymfans fans, to avoid any indecent exposure.

MYM, the social media platform where you can follow your idols

Like other social networks, MYM fans lets you subscribe to the profiles of your favorite personalities. You can easily search for your favorite Creators using MYM’s powerful search engine, for example by name, age, city or keywords. Once you’ve arrived at the designer’s profile, you’ll be able to subscribe simply by clicking on the « Subscribe » button on the designer’s profile.

However, until you subscribe, most of the media and information on the Creators’ Feed will be hidden. Have you heard about the possibility of getting a free MYM? We’ll tell you all about it on our Free MYM page!

In addition, you should know that all media created by MYM.fans are protected by intellectual property laws, which prohibits you from using them on any platform other than MYMfans.

A fan who does not respect this guideline will be instantly removed from the platform and will face legal action.

Respecting the privacy of Creators and Fans, as well as offering them a secure environment, is MYM Fans’ main objective.

This is why the platform strictly complies with paragraphs 226-1 and 226-22 of the penal code when sanctioning violations of privacy. The social network also encourages users to report any unauthorized use of Mymfan media outside the site.

You can request private media and have a conversation with a celebrity on MYM Fans. The model has 72 hours to send you your personalized media, so keep that in mind.

If you don’t hear back from the Creator, don’t hesitate to write to them via the platform’s messaging system.

You can contact customer service and request a refund if, after paying for your private media, it still hasn’t arrived after 72 hours. If you receive private media from the Creator that does not comply with your request, you will need to send him a message explaining why this private media does not comply with your request.

Remember that the second media you receive should generally be free of charge. However, your request must be justified in order to be accepted. A request will automatically be approved by the MYM platform if you made a request for a photo, but ended up receiving a voicemail. Looking for a MYM promo code? We’ve got plenty for you on our MYM promo code page, as well as various MYM Creator profiles for you to discover!

If the model provides you with a photo in which they’re not even visible, or sends you media belonging to someone else, you can also modify your request.

You can also contact customer service if, despite your reminders, the content you receive doesn’t satisfy your request.

The Creator MYM badge

Model profiles on Mymfans fans can be accompanied by one of two possible badges. The certification icon attests that the Creator’s identity has been validated by the moderators, so it’s a sign of trust.

However, a small star may also be displayed next to this symbol. The SuperStar badge is shown here. It indicates that the account is legitimate and active if you see it on a creator’s profile.

SuperStar authors generally update their accounts once a week with new content. What’s more, these profiles respond within 48 hours to private media requests submitted by fans. As you can see, the SuperStar badge is generally a sign of quality for a Creator.

How can I become a SuperStar Designer on MYM?

If you are a Creator (an influencer, model, celebrity, artist, etc.), you must meet specific standards in order to achieve SuperStar status. First, your account must be certified. Secondly, you must log on frequently and be very active on the platform. Third, you must be able to acquire at least 50 active subscribers per month. Finally, a minimum of two media items must be added to your profile feed every 7 days.

Finally, you must be able to respond to fans’ private messages within 48 hours. Remember, the SuperStar title is only valid for one month. This means that, once acquired, the Creator must continue to provide quality service to avoid having his or her SuperStar title withdrawn.

Every first of the month, an evaluation of your data from the previous month is used to determine whether SuperStar status is granted or withdrawn.

Why become a SuperStar on Mymfan?

This status is more than just an emblem that lets Internet users know how serious a profile is. Because of the many advantages it brings, MYM Creators can also benefit from it. The SuperStar designation draws attention to the Creator’s unique status. This enables the Creator to increase their subscription rate, as well as their visibility in MYM’s intelligent search engine.

This is due to the presence of a certain SuperStar filter, which the algorithm will bring more to the fore.

In addition, your commissions on push, private media and subscriptions are 1% higher than they would be with standard status. With this status, you can receive your income directly via PayPal.

MYM banking fees and commissions at a glance

The MYM Fans platform strives to be as open and transparent as possible regarding the commissions paid to each Creator on the platform. These are calculated according to bank charges, commission rates and VAT in the country where the Creator resides.

The site accepts online payments via Checkout and Epoch, two reputable and efficient payment terminal providers. What’s more, they allow designers to benefit from higher commission rates. Please note that bank charges of 7% (incl. VAT) of the amount due are applied to each transaction.

MYM For Fans takes a 20% commission on each payment received by a Creator on all media, except for tips, which are taxed at 10%.

MYM Creators can therefore receive 90% of tips and 80% of payments for private media.

Please note that VAT is charged on all media purchased by fans on the platform.

How do I get my money back from MYM?

There are no special payment terms for content creators who wish to earn money by sharing their work with Mymfan fans. However, you’ll need to have a certified account, disclose the payment method and have at least €50 in « verified » earnings in order to receive your first earnings.

You’ll be able to choose between different payment periods to receive your earnings, depending on your preferences or the type of accounting you keep. One or two payments a week, or once or twice a month, are possible, depending on the preferences of each MYM Creator. By accessing the « Payment information » section, you can modify these payment intervals to suit your needs.

Payment status on MYM

Each purchase verified by a fan on the profile is attributed to the creator’s chat. Two different forms of earnings are visible on the creator’s balance. There are « pending » earnings and validated earnings, the latter of which can be withdrawn as the validation time has passed. Pending earnings will first have to be verified by MYM support, which usually takes 2 weeks, before they can be paid out to the Creator.

The validation window for annual subscriptions is 60 days.

The validation window for media profits is 7 days, and the same rule applies to tip profits. However, as soon as private media is sent, the MYM Creator’s account is automatically credited.

Is MYM secure?

You’ll be pleased to know that MYM Fans adheres to a rigorous security procedure to protect all your media if you wish to create content on them. This means that your followers cannot download or share your work on other platforms without incurring consequences. The total confidentiality of creators’ personal information is also guaranteed by Mymfans. It will not be used or revealed to followers. If you’d like to have an overall opinion of the platform and its practices, don’t hesitate to read our MYM Fans Avis page, where we give you our point of view on the French platform!

Right-clicking on computers is deactivated as soon as users access the social network, to encourage compliance with the terms of use. Drag-and-drop manipulation on computers is also disabled on MYM, and video screenshots are also made unavailable on computers, tablets and smartphones. Trackers are used in the private material that MYM Creators provide to their fans. Mymfan uses additional security mechanisms to protect its users’ media as much as possible. However, while these technologies offer a certain level of performance, the platform is not currently in a position to guarantee its consumers zero risk. This is why it also informs fans of the penalties they face if they breach the platform’s rules of use.

Violators of the site’s terms of use may, for example, receive a legal warning from a bailiff. Fans and Creators of Mymfans may also take legal action against them.

Remember that unauthorized use or appropriation of content obtained from a social network is considered an infringement of the rights of the Creator of the media. Failure to comply with these conditions can result in 1 year’s imprisonment, as well as a fine of up to 45,000 euros, effectively deterring any user from leaking content published by the Creators.

Is there a MYM.fans application?

As with OnlyFans, Mymfan currently offers no mobile applications on either IOS or Android. This situation, which is beyond MYM’s control, is imposed on them by the IOS and Android systems, which refuse to list their application in their App Store, considering MYM and OnlyFans to be platforms with a high pornographic connotation. The Mym.fans platform has been struggling since its creation to offer its users an app, which would make it much easier to use. It’s not hard to imagine that MYM will be able to offer an app in the coming months or years.

MYM Ambassadors program

By simply introducing the site to other Designers or Ambassadors, Me You More (formerly Meet Your Model) offers a special affiliate system through which you can earn money. Quick and easy to set up, to earn your first income as a Sponsor or Ambassador, you’ll need to share your affiliate link with people interested in becoming Creators or Ambassadors.

This link is available on the site, in the ambassador interface. As this is a highly advantageous program, learn more about how it works by reading our Become a MYM Ambassador page, where you’ll find a wealth of information on how to become a MYM Ambassador.

What’s more, people who register on the site using your link start earning commissions as soon as they do. You receive a share of the income they generate through their publications and subscriptions.

For each MYM Creator you sponsor, you’ll receive 10% of their earnings for life, without any reduction in their earnings: this income will be paid directly to you by the Mymfan platform.

And for every Ambassador you sponsor, you’ll receive 50% of his or her earnings for life, in the same way as for Creators, without reducing the Ambassador’s earnings.

You can track your earnings in real time via a dashboard after registering as an Ambassador on the platform. What’s more, you’ll have several useful tools at your disposal (teaser message generator, MYM media kit, etc.). What’s more, a back-office will help you manage your affiliates more effectively, and track their progress on the MYM platform.

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