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The MYM For Fans platform offers an attractive remuneration package to any creator wishing to get closer to the community.


MYM offers solid security guarantees to content creators, enabling them to practice their passion with complete peace of mind.


Get paid directly by your community by offering them exclusive content about your life and your passions.

MYM For Fans has been a big hit with Creators and their fans since its launch in 2019. The platform boasts around 15,000 registered models in less than a year, not to mention the number of fans each MYM Creator has already amassed. Celebrities of all stripes are attracted to the social network not only for its privacy, but also for the potential revenue. Before you read on, be sure to check out our full MYM page, where we share all aspects of the platform with you!

It’s a premium platform that gives fans the chance to get unique and exclusive online content from their favorite celebrities that they can’t get anywhere else. Find out in this review what MYM fans are all about, and how you can use them to generate a sizeable monthly income if you’re an influencer, model, artist or sportsperson.

Who can become a MYM fan?

Anyone can access the MYM fans social network. Whether they’re influencers, models, photographers, athletes or others, men and women can join the platform. Even those who don’t necessarily belong to these circles are accepted on the site.

In a way, the site allows everyone to tap into their creative side and make the most of it. However, it’s best to start with a large and active community if you want to succeed on MYM For Fans and make a lot of money. Successful models on this platform are generally well known and have a large number of followers. But be careful! However, it’s possible to succeed on this platform from scratch and with no community at all! You’ll just have to work harder and smarter to earn your first income.

What’s more, if you’re one of those Internet users who like to hear from their favorite celebrities on a daily basis, this platform gives you the chance to get in touch with them. You can even ask them to provide you with exclusive photos and videos for a fee.

MYM Fans differs from other social networks on the Internet in a number of ways. The platform offers its members many more advantages, such as the possibility of earning substantial remuneration.

How does creating a MYM Creator account work?

A MYM Creator account on MYM Fans can be created by anyone. However, you must succeed in creating an active community if you hope to use this social network to generate a significant, and above all stable, source of money. It’s essential to remember that your ability to earn money on the site will depend solely on the number of followers you have, and their loyalty. You need to meet a few conditions and follow the instructions below to create your MYM Creator account. If you’re still having trouble understanding how the platform works, we’ll tell you more on our MYM is what page!

Prerequisites for becoming a MYM Creator

First of all, MYM fans only allow users aged 18 or over to register. Each new member of the social network is required to provide official identification to ensure that the first criterion is met (passport or identity card).

In addition, your account must be validated before you can collect your model or MYM Creator benefits. This takes effect as soon as you receive your certified account badge. Don’t forget that this badge confers legitimacy on your profile in the eyes of other users, and inspires trust among Fans. It also increases your visibility on social media.

However, for your profile to be verified, you must already have a first subscriber and publish at least 5 media (videos or photos) on your feed. You’ll also need to enter your personal details, including first and last name, address and telephone number. This information must be current and accurate. Don’t forget to provide the payment method you’ve chosen and any other relevant details. The MYM platform will also ask you to take a selfie of yourself, holding your proof of identity in your hand, in order to verify your account.

How to become a MYM Creator

The procedure for creating an account on the social network is fairly straightforward. Creators must register on the specific MYM Creator site, accessible by clicking here, while Fans must go directly to the official MYM fan site, available by clicking here. To create a new account, simply click on the « register » button and enter the necessary information.

Remember that the platform only allows one account per user. Unlike other social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram, MYM Fans does not allow the creation or management of multiple accounts. The site’s moderators monitor the accounts of MYM Fans and MYM Creators to ensure that this guideline is respected. They immediately delete suspicious profiles and prevent anyone who breaches this criterion from using the platform.

Once you’ve entered your account details (email, password, username, etc.), you’ll receive a validation email to confirm the creation of your profile. Next, you’ll need to personalize your profile by uploading profile and cover photos, adding a description and 3 hashtags.

The unique features of Me You More (MYM)

Unlike other well-known social media platforms (such as Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, etc.), MYM has a few distinctive features that attract users, particularly fans of models and celebrities. For example, MYM Fans offers celebrities the chance to earn money every time the media (videos and photos) they post on the social network is unlocked by fans, unlike influencers who earn money by sharing various content or doing product placements with brands. This is particularly interesting as subscribers can access exclusive content only available on MYM Fans. We give you our detailed opinion on our MYM Fans Avis page, if you’re still not sure what to think of the platform.

Content creators and producers can rest easy knowing that MYM’s intellectual property rights protect their published media. This means they can monetize their work without running the risk of having information about their private lives made public. The MYM platform ensures a firm and prohibitive policy on the misappropriation of media from the platform. A team of lawyers and intellectual property specialists are constantly on the lookout for content leaks on sites other than the MYM platform. For example, right-clicks are deactivated on computers, and on smartphones and tablets, the user’s pseudonym and IP address appear on every photo if the user tries to take a screenshot of a piece of media. This is a reassuring feature for MYM Creator users, who can feel secure in sharing their content.

Registration is free on MYM, but content is not

MYM registration for Fans is absolutely free, just like any other online platform. However, access to the various media that celebrities post on their feeds comes at a cost. MYM fans can offer you the solution if you love sharing your images and videos with your Fans and want to make a living out of it.

You are allowed to choose the subscription fees on your model or Creator profile. You can offer your followers a monthly, quarterly or annual subscription, the cost of which is entirely up to you. You can upload public media to your feed to encourage other platform users to subscribe to your profile. These media will be used mainly as previews, and your followers will have to pay to access the other, hidden media.

You decide the price of each image and video that appears in your feed, just as you do for the subscription.

Access to media only available on MYM

Models agree to upload only exclusive content to their MYM accounts, which is what makes them so exclusive and unique, and makes their Fans subscribe to their accounts. However, it’s worth mentioning that the site also imposes certain requirements on users. For example, they are strictly forbidden to publish the images or videos they receive from MYM Creator on other websites. If they do, they risk severe penalties, as well as being permanently banned from the social network.

Instead, they can use online messaging to contact MYM Creators and request individualized content (private media). Personalities can also distribute paid content via bulk messages, and are remunerated for each sale they make.

Several suggestions for MYM Fans

Fans with a free account on MYM fans can only access what has been shared publicly by the models. They have to subscribe to see additional photos and videos, and once again, they have to pay a fee imposed by MYM Creator to access locked content. That’s why if you hear about free MYM, it’s probably a scam!

Why become a MYM SuperStar?

Having a certified account on MYM Fans gives you a special level of visibility with other users. But it’s advisable to also reach SuperStar rank if you want to maximize this visibility and, in addition, increase the number of subscribers you have and the amount of money you can earn.

What is SuperStar status for a MYM Creator?

SuperStar status authenticates your profile to your fans and future subscribers, just as a verified account does. The symbol is a yellow star that appears next to your username. This badge gives you access to a number of interesting benefits.

You can use the PayPal payment option, for example, if you have SuperStar status. In addition, you benefit from greater visibility on the platform. This maximizes your chances of attracting even more subscribers. It’s worth noting that a specific filter enables subscribers to quickly locate all those with SuperStar status. What’s more, using this icon increases your commission percentage by 1% (subscriptions, push and private media, tips). Reassuring and a sign of trust for Fans, every MYM Creator has a vested interest in obtaining SuperStar status.

I’m MYM Creator, how do I get SuperStar status?

You need to meet a few prerequisites in order to reach the SuperStar level on MYM fans and enjoy all the benefits it has to offer. First, your account must be certified. In addition, it’s crucial that you’re very active on the social media platform. In fact, your profile must have a minimum of 50 followers who have been active over the past month, and every week, you must publish at least two media in your feed.

The platform offers a scheduling tool to help you organize your posting frequency more effectively. It’s crucial that you respond to your followers’ private media to demonstrate your excellent responsiveness. In particular, you should send around 90% of your replies within 48 hours to meet the requirements of SuperStar status.

You should be aware that the SuperStar designation is temporary, unlike the verified profile. You must adhere to a regular publication schedule on the platform if you want to benefit from SuperStar status. In addition, you’ll need to meet the requirements listed below on a monthly basis:

  • Have a certified account;
  • Be regularly connected and active on the platform;
  • Achieve a minimum of 50 active subscribers per month;
  • Add at least 2 media per week to your feed.

Each month, on the first, models receive the SuperStar icon; however, this icon is only awarded after a statistical study of the data from each account in the previous month. Please note that if you receive this status, it will only last for one month before your profile is evaluated again.

What can a model hope to gain from MYM fans?

The MYM platform offers models effective ways of selling on the site. To maintain a relationship with their subscribers (current or former), they can, for example, offer images and videos for sale, or send messages to their former fans.

In concrete terms, you’re more likely to sell content effectively and earn a solid living if you have a large number of committed members.

Making money with your content on MYM Fans is possible, even if you remain anonymous. It works in a similar way to a traditional social network. In addition, you need to focus on your image, advertise your profile and provide unique information that Fans will find interesting. If you know how to improve your online reputation, you can easily earn between €500 and €4000 a month. Your chances of earning a substantial sum increase the more effort you put into your profile and image.

The people who benefit most from social networking are the famous and the influential. They already have a large following, so it won’t be difficult for them to earn more. Some people even manage to recruit almost 1,000 new subscribers in a single week. It’s conceivable that a model could earn €40,000 a month if the monthly subscription is set at €6.50, for example, and media revenues are added to this.

Of course, these figures are not constant, as each model’s income is determined by the prices they set for their profiles’ subscription formulas (monthly and annual). However, the platform receives a 20% commission for each subscription purchased. Similarly, each model determines the costs of photographs, films and private media, but the MYM platform deducts a 20% commission for each rate offered.

Keep in mind that your followers are more likely to tip you if they’re happy with the media you provide. And the platform receives a commission of around 10% on these.

The many sources of income for a Creator

There are many ways for MYM Creators to earn money. The platform does its utmost to enable models to accumulate as many subscribers as possible. In addition, it encourages them to create more content so that their followers are willing to pay for it. Creators can also offer their audience a MYM promo code, to encourage more Fans to subscribe!

Paid subscriptions on MYM

On MYM fans, the rule is simple: no subscription, no fee. You need to know that the quality of the platform and your ability to turn it into a viable source of income depend primarily on the number of subscribers you accumulate. What’s more, you need to be able to persuade them to buy a premium subscription and keep them as customers so that your income is stable and recurring. Free accounts, on the other hand, will be limited to whatever you wish to share on the social network in public mode. So, by providing enough compelling free content, you stand a chance of persuading them to subscribe.

Paid messages on MYM

You can give your subscribers blurred content that makes them want you, in the communications you send them. To unlock them, they’ll have to pay a fee that you set yourself. The price of photos or videos in paid messages ranges from €10 to €60. Depending on the value you assign to each photo, you can set a very different sum for each one. And they’ll be automatically debited if your followers want to access them and confirm their payments.

Private media on MYM

On their own initiative, your Fans can also make requests for personalized or special content. You’ll be able to propose the rate that suits you, and of course accept or refuse the request. For many MYM Creators, the bulk of their revenue generally comes from the sale of private media.

MYM Ambassador affiliate program

You can also take part in the Ambassador program set up by the MYM platform, if you know people interested in recruiting MYM Creators on the platform, or if you yourself would like to invite MYM Creators to sign up. This advantageous program entitles you to 50% of the income of Ambassadors and 10% of the income of MYM Creators for life, without reducing their respective earnings. In fact, the MYM For Fans platform will take care of your commissions as an Ambassador. Find out more about the Ambassador program on our Become a MYM Ambassador page, where you’ll learn all the basics to get started and earn your first income as an Ambassador!

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