How do I get a MYM promo code?

Register for free on the MYM For Fans platform, and generate your first revenues right away.
Share content with your community, or become an Ambassador and recruit Creators.


The MYM For Fans platform offers an attractive remuneration package to any creator wishing to get closer to the community.


MYM offers solid security guarantees to content creators, enabling them to practice their passion with complete peace of mind.


Get paid directly by your community by offering them exclusive content about your life and your passions.

Want to subscribe to your favorite influencer you found on MYM? Great, but wait a minute. A MYM promo code could help you get the price down. Make sure you’ve read our full page on MYM to easily understand how the platform works.

How do I use a MYM coupon code?

MYM promo code for Fans

There are several fields you’ll need to fill in when subscribing.

If your MYM is in English, you’ll have a « Discount Coupon » or « Discount Vouncher » field before entering your credit card codes.

As you can see, you’ll need to type your MYM coupon code into this field before clicking Apply.

You can’t use PayPal if you have a 100% Mym Fans coupon code (which entitles you to a subscription or free media), but the MYM platform will still ask you for your bank details, in order to confirm your identity. You may hear about MYM Free on the Internet, but don’t be fooled, as most of the sites offering this are often scams looking to steal your credit card details. Instead, use a MYM promo code to access Creator content and see MYM for free.

MYM promotional code for designers

Would you like to create a discount in the form of a coupon code to reward your Fans, or encourage new Fans to subscribe? MYM allows Creators to create coupons in percentages (1 to 100%) or in euros (1 to 500 euros). The maximum number of uses and the name of the MYM coupon code are both up to the Creator. Not yet a Creator, but would like to become one? Read our Become a MYM Creator page to find out all the best practices before you get started, as well as the best tips for building a loyal following of Fans!

The MYM Creator discount is only valid on a subscription or private media. Interesting and easy to set up, each Creator has every interest in proposing them from time to time to his Fans, to build loyalty and reward them for their subscriptions. For more information and our opinion on how MYM works, visit our MYM Fans Opinion page.

Coupon code MYM

o CoupleHard62: MARS20 (20% discount on monthly subscription)

If you are a MYM creator, contact us and provide your MYM promo code and your profile link. We’ll add you to the list below:

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