Earn 10% of a Creator’s earnings as a MYM Ambassador

Register for free on the MYM For Fans platform, and generate your first revenues right away.
Share content with your community, or become an Ambassador and recruit Creators.


The MYM For Fans platform offers an attractive remuneration package to any creator wishing to get closer to the community.


MYM offers solid security guarantees to content creators, enabling them to practice their passion with complete peace of mind.


Get paid directly by your community by offering them exclusive content about your life and your passions.

Models and celebrities can engage and interact with their fans on social networks with ease and convenience. It’s clear that the vast majority of them are now particularly engaged in the digital world, whether they belong to Generation X, Y or Z. And that’s fortunate for content creators who depend on these networks to earn their living. Even more interesting options are offered by new platforms, enabling influencers to create larger, more stable revenue streams. This is the case, for example, of the French platform MYM For Fans. Before you read on, make sure you understand how MYM works by reading our special MYM page, on the platform that’s got people talking!

MYM Fans helps Content Creators generate substantial revenues

Me You More aka MYM, formerly known as Meet Your Model, is a Web 2.0 social network. The platform presents itself as a means of digital communication enabling content creators to exchange exclusives with their communities while being remunerated, at a time when people are using the Internet more and more.

The site, which launched towards the end of 2019, is aimed at people who are active on social networks and want to use them to create a lucrative business. Influencers (called Creators on MYM), can already receive remuneration for the content they broadcast on sites like YouTube or even Instagram, and the MYM Fans platform has adopted the same concept, improving the daily lives of Creators.

Unlike its forerunners, this social network attempts to encourage Creators to share more content with their Fans, by being more exclusive and lucrative. Bear in mind that the platform is primarily aimed at celebrities (artists, influencers, models, sportspeople, etc.). You’ll get a better understanding of how the platform works once you’ve read our MYM is what! guide. They need a fairly large and dedicated community in order to generate considerable revenue from the site. A personality’s popularity with MYM fans will depend above all on his or her willingness to charge for content. It’s perfectly possible to get started on MYM without having a community, but in this case, the Creator will have to work to build up his or her community from the outset, using a variety of techniques.

The media that Creators present to their Fans on the social network are exclusive to them, and cannot be seen elsewhere on the Internet. So it’s a place where you can get unique, privileged access to the photos and videos that famous people share. As a result, the platform complies with strict legal and statutory guidelines. For example, it is forbidden to use or publish any content from the platform on other websites, on pain of severe penalties and legal action.

How the MYM Fans platform works

In theory, MYM Fans works in the same way as a traditional social network. Fans and Creators, often referred to as models, can register for free and create profiles. The program only allows one account per person, so be careful. By requiring the entry of a correct identity, the site also guarantees the validity of each profile generated.

The site reserves the right to check the validity of your account, whether you register as a Creator or a Fan. In addition, the social network forbids its users to transmit personal information for security reasons (telephone, address, e-mail, etc.). Furthermore, it is forbidden to create a profile on MYM Fans in someone else’s name. Any attempt to violate these restrictions will result in immediate suspension of the accounts in question.

For MYM Creators

By going to the MYM creators’ page, you can quickly create an account on MYM Fans if you want to earn money as a model while exchanging with your fans. The idea is the same as the one you may already have encountered when registering on other Internet platforms. All you have to do is provide your information, including your first name, last name, nickname, etc.

In addition, certification of your profile is advisable if you want your followers to take it seriously and stop looking for free MYM content. To do this, you’ll need to present legitimate identification (ID card or passport), a security selfie, a working phone number and accurate contact details. You must also obtain at least one new subscriber and publish at least 5 media (photos or videos) on your feed so that MYM teams can verify the legitimacy of your account. If you’ve met all these conditions, your profile should generally display a certification badge.

Don’t forget to look after your profile and cover photos to increase your chances of gaining more followers. You can also advertise your account online and on other social networks.

For MYM fans

It is essential to remember that you must be at least 18 years old to register with MYM Fans. All account types on the platform fall under this requirement. Simply go to the official website and fill in the necessary fields to create your MYM Fan profile. Don’t forget to read the terms and conditions carefully and tick the box indicating that you agree to abide by them before validating the creation of your profile.

The search field will then be available for you to enter the names of the designers and models you wish to follow. The idea is really quite simple: all you have to do is click on the « Subscribe » button to access the page of your favorite models. Please note, however, that most of the content they post on their news feeds may be blurred. To access them, you’ll need to pay a monthly or annual subscription fee, the cost of which is decided by the Creators themselves. Consequently, subscription fees differ according to the personalities involved.

You can subscribe to several different profiles, and you can revoke your subscriptions at any time. You have access to a chat box where you can ask the Creators you follow for private personalized content. Once again, it’s the models who will accept or refuse your requests, and determine the rates.

For MYM ambassadors

What if, in addition to becoming a MYM Creator, you became a MYM Ambassador to maximize your income? To do so, simply visit the Ambassador platform. Next, you’ll need to fill in all the relevant fields and meet the account authentication prerequisites. It’s crucial to bear in mind that the Ambassador account is linked to the sponsorship program provided by the MYM platform. For this reason, it differs from the Creator account, but both can be used simultaneously.

An Ambassador account and a Creator account can be combined. This makes it easier for you to access the Ambassador platform and track your referrals in real time. Simply submit a request to the platform’s customer service department if you wish to combine your two accounts. After 24 hours, the merger will be effective.

MYM Ambassadors and sponsorship update

By offering users a variety of paid content, Creators can benefit from subscriptions paid for by MYM Fans. The freedom for each Creator to choose their own membership fees is a plus. Similarly, access to media (push and private) is paid for, with rates varying according to the model. What’s more, to maximize revenue, Creators can enroll in the platform’s sponsorship program, in addition to selling sponsored media.

How MYM Ambassador works

Creators and Fans can participate in MYM Ambassadors, an affiliate program that allows them to share in the profits made by their referrals. As explained on our MYM Fans Avis page, the idea is to invite other people to join the social network by sending them an affiliate link.

You become the model’s sponsor as soon as they sign up as a Creator using your affiliate link. Once this is done, you will receive 10% of the income generated by the Creator on the MYM platform.

Why register as a MYM Ambassador?

The most important advantage of having an Ambassador account or being a sponsor on MYM followers is that you can earn even more money using this service. When you encourage models to join the social network using your unique referral link, you officially commit to sponsoring them. You’ll be paid 10% of the income earned by these new Creators.

What’s more, owning a MYM Ambassadors account lets you use powerful tools to optimize your profile’s effectiveness and improve it. What’s more, you’ll be provided with a dashboard so you can better manage your affiliates and keep an eye on your revenues.

How can you become a MYM Ambassador and maximize your income?

You need to be able to effectively maintain your Creator profile to keep your fans interested, so that your income as a MYM Creator and Ambassador is constant. In addition, you need to inspire and motivate your referrals to update their profiles accordingly.

You need to attract as many subscribers as possible to your profile and develop a real relationship of trust with them if you want to increase your income from Fans. They are invited to unlock as much media as possible by doing so. You need to be polite to your affiliates in addition to maximizing your own return on content, as this will motivate them to monetize their social media platforms too. It’s a win-win situation for both parties.

A profile earns money the more subscriptions and paid content it generates (provided, of course, that subscribers buy the content). What’s more, your percentage as a sponsor will increase as your affiliates generate revenue.

Who are Ambassador accounts for?

Models and influencers are the main targets of Ambassadors. Please note that registering as a Creator on MYM Fans using a celebrity’s personal link has no effect on the money you can earn. The platform will pay the Ambassador directly, with no impact on the Creator’s income. This is a sponsorship mechanism designed to make the social network known to as many people as possible.

Moreover, neither an Ambassador nor a Creator has any obligation to the other. Please also note that cookies are used to link your MYM profile to that of your sponsor when you create it using an Ambassador’s link. Please note that you cannot change your sponsor.

How much money can a model earn on MYM?

A Creator’s potential profits on MYM Fans can vary considerably and depend on a number of variables. The main factor determining a Creator’s success or failure is their reputation on social media. For example, a person with a strong community will earn more than an anonymous person.

On MYM Fans, the aim is to attract all your followers from other platforms and convince them to subscribe to your profile first. It’s advisable to offer affordable subscription fees to encourage your Fans to subscribe easily. You can always monetize your profile by providing engaging push content at a later date, or by regularly responding to your subscribers’ private media requests. What’s more, you can offer your Fans a MYM promo code at any time – you decide the cost of each item you provide on the social network.

It’s advisable to provide a few sneak previews to get your fans interested in you. The platform ensures that decency is not violated, so be careful. Nude and topless images are strictly forbidden for this reason, only on public and free media.

In reality, you won’t need to use this kind of option to seduce your subscribers. Fans will buy your articles simply because you provide them with unique photographs and videos. What’s more, you can always use other sharing sites like Instagram to advertise your MYM profile.

On the other hand, MYM is an extremely Premium network because its users are followed by experts in the field. Some celebrities can earn up to €200,000 a month from their MYM accounts, depending on their level of popularity. The social network’s sophisticated referral mechanism, which entitles them to 10% of the revenue generated by each of their recommendations, considerably increases this income.

How are payments made by MYM Fans?

The MYM platform offers PayPal and bank transfer as payment options (only for accounts with SuperStar status). The social network integrates with Epoch and Checkout, and all transactions are fully secure.

To receive a payment on the social network, you must have a verified account and choose a payment method with the necessary information. In addition, your balance must include at least €50 in verified earnings. You must also choose a payment window (either 1 or 2 payments per week, or 1 or 2 payments per month).

The different forms of revenue on MYM.fans

The money you earn on MYM fans is divided into two types. You have income that has not yet been verified. These are usually your most recent earnings. Then there’s verified income that can be withdrawn. These are revenues from your media, subscriptions and tips that have exceeded the validation period defined by the platform.

Earnings validation periods on MYM Fan

On the social network, earnings can be acquired in different ways, and depending on how they were acquired, different validation periods apply. For example, earnings from monthly subscriptions are verified after 15 days, while earnings from annual subscriptions are verified within 60 days. Earnings from tips and push media are verified within 7 days. In addition, you receive private media earnings immediately after delivery.

Private media must be delivered to your fans within 72 hours. In addition, each model is free to accept or reject any special or private requests from its subscribers.

MYM repayment rate

Bank charges apply to each transaction made on the site and amount to 7% of the total amount due (including taxes). After deducting these fees from the total amount of sales, the MYM platform applies a commission of 20% before paying the amount back to the Creators, which is a pretty fair commission percentage.

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