What is MYM and how does it work?

Register for free on the MYM For Fans platform, and generate your first revenues right away.
Share content with your community, or become an Ambassador and recruit Creators.


The MYM For Fans platform offers an attractive remuneration package to any creator wishing to get closer to the community.


MYM offers solid security guarantees to content creators, enabling them to practice their passion with complete peace of mind.


Get paid directly by your community by offering them exclusive content about your life and your passions.

Content creators can use the MYM.fans premium social media platform to generate a stable and regular income, and become a MYM Creator. A Creator’s profile contains free and subscription-locked paid content. You can set a monthly cost that Fans must pay to view your protected content, allowing you to earn money every month. As detailed on our full MYM page, your Fans can also make specific content requests, called « private media », which the Creator can accept or decline, and for which he sets the fee.

Getting started on MYM Fans

In order to register with MYM Fans, the platform will require you to be at least 18 years of age, and you’ll need to provide a valid form of ID to prove it.

All genders are welcome to become a MYM Creator and start earning money on MYM. To start earning a considerable income quickly, it’s true that it will be easier to already have a certain number of followers on other networks (Snapchat, Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter…), and thus encourage these followers to subscribe to your MYM Fans account, but don’t be discouraged if this isn’t the case.

Even if it’s an advantage to already have a community on other social networks, it’s perfectly possible to start from scratch and build a community from scratch. You’ll just have to put in more effort than an already well-known personality.

Make money on MYM Fans

The advantage of MYM is that Designers and Fans can sign up for free. As a Fan, you can access free content from different models whenever you like, and be aware that if you’re told about it, it’s impossible to get a free MYM. If you want to consume more of the Creator’s content, the Creator offers premium content as a paid subscription.

Registration is free for Creators, and a small portion of your earnings is deducted to cover site and staff expenses. The site takes a 20% commission on each of your earnings. More on this later in the article.

How does MYM work?

Models, influencers and public celebrities can upload media such as images and videos that they wouldn’t normally share on other social networks. The content of your profile will remain hidden until users have registered on the platform and confirmed their identity. Once this has been done, users will only be able to view the posts you have published in public mode. If Fans wish to see the rest of the private content, they will have to subscribe to the Creator, whether monthly, quarterly or annually, at a rate decided by the Creator.

In addition, Creators can produce personalized content at the request of their followers, at a price to be determined at the time. In addition, they can send additional media to subscribers, which will appear blurred, and Fans can choose to pay to unlock some of this content, called « push media ».

How much do MYM Fans models earn?

Up to 90% of the money earned by MYM.fans models can be retained by them. Depending on how the revenue is collected, a separate commission is charged. You make a profit of 80% on subscriptions, 80% on push media and 90% on private media. These fees are typical of membership sites, as they cover the costs of hosting and maintaining the MYM platform. In addition to this commission, bank charges of up to 7% will be added. Here’s an example to make things clearer:

Suppose you receive €10 per month from 10 subscribers, i.e. €100 per month.

Bank charges amount to €7 (€100 x 7%).

Your income is determined as follows: (€100 – €7) x 80% = €74.40.

To give you an idea, if you already have a community on social networks, you need to count 1 to 5% of your followers who will be likely to subscribe to your MYM account. You’ll make more money if you have more followers and can steadily increase the number of subscribers you have. To improve your monthly income as a Creator, work to develop your presence on social networks, build up your follower base and regularly promote your MYM account by encouraging your followers to subscribe, for example by offering them a MYM promo code. You could, for example, give them a discount on their first subscription, or offer them private media.

How can I get paid on MYM?

For its Creators, the MYM platform provides a variety of payment methods. To receive your first payment, there are three prerequisites:

  • To have certified your account on the platform;
  • To have selected a payment method for your commissions;
  • To have accumulated validated earnings of at least €50.

To obtain a certified account, you need to meet a few requirements:

  • You must have at least one subscriber to your profile;
  • Have at least five photos or videos published on your feed;
  • You must have provided your identity details;
  • Have validated your mobile number with a code received by sms;
  • Have added your payment information (bank details or Paypal account);
  • Uploaded a photocopy of your identity card or passport;
  • Have sent a selfie as proof of identity.

These requirements confirm that you are who you say you are, and are all classic standards. A significant advantage of MYM is that you’ll be able to choose your preferred payment frequency once you have an approved and certified account. As long as your profits are at least €50, you can receive payments:

  • 1 weekly payment ;
  • 2 weekly payments ;
  • 1 monthly payment;
  • 2 monthly payments.

If you have a large number of subscribers, getting paid twice a week is a perfect rhythm.

An authenticated pending winnings system is in place to protect you and MYM from fraudulent charges. Depending on the service offered, pending winnings are held for a period determined by the platform, before being paid out to you.

Once this period has elapsed, the amount of pending winnings is automatically transferred to the validated winnings category. On average, winnings from monthly subscriptions are held for 15 days. In the case of annual subscriptions, since the amounts are much higher, you’ll have to wait up to 2 months before receiving your subscription earnings.

Tips and earnings from private/push media are suspended for one week, before being paid out to you.

What to publish on MYM

As a Creator on MYM.fans, you’ll have a range of opportunities to generate regular, substantial income. Visit our MYM Fans Avis page for more information about the platform, Creators and Fans.

Public media on MYM

Public content can be viewed by anyone who visits your profile, and who does not pay a subscription fee. Public content can be photos or videos that you publish and that are visible even without being subscribed to your profile. This will show non-subscribers the type of content you publish, and encourage them to become your Fans and subscribe to your profile.

Although they don’t directly generate income, public media are nonetheless invaluable, as they enable you to win new subscribers on a regular basis.

Private media on MYM

Only subscribers who pay you have access to your private media. You’ll be able to publish content that’s even more daring and exclusive than your public content. All the content posted on your profile has been manually validated by a group of moderators. Media is often authorized or rejected within 24 hours.

Custom media on MYM

Each Fan subscribed to your profile can, if they wish, send you a personalized media request, according to their wishes, which you are free to accept or refuse. If you choose to accept or refuse their request, you can determine the price. You have 72 hours to execute a subscriber’s request once they have approved the price and made a payment.

Push media on MYM

You can earn a lot of money as a model using media pushes. You have the option of distributing blurred media (photo or video) to all current and former subscribers. The subscriber then has the option of paying to unlock the content if they wish. It’s a great way to get more money out of your best fans!

MYM additional features and benefits

In addition to everything discussed above, MYM offers other services and benefits to support and help you as a Creator.

Model safety

To ensure that your revenue and image are preserved, MYM takes many precautions to protect the content you produce. Be aware that a Fan will encounter many difficulties if he wishes to download your content for distribution outside MYM. For example, the platform has deactivated the possibility of right-clicking or screenshotting to prevent content leaks.

Creators’ security is constantly being improved by a team of experts. Users who download your content are not tolerated at all, and anyone who abuses the system is quickly banned. What’s more, when a Fan views any of your content, a watermark with their username and IP address is added to the media. This discourages all Fans from broadcasting the content on the Internet, because as soon as the media is spotted by the MYM team, the latter will immediately know which user has broadcast the content, and the latter will immediately be prosecuted. Bear in mind, however, that no content is 100% protected on the Internet, but content discovered on other platforms will be promptly removed by MYM’s legal team.

MYM Creator promotion

Every Creator has the opportunity to reach MYM’s 3 million registered Fans when publishing content.

Your public content can be chosen to be shared with this network to increase your audience, unless you choose not to do so. You should also be aware that the algorithm may put you forward to appear in certain Fans’ feeds, as Instagram does, if the MYM platform deems your content to be relevant, and likely to appeal to certain Fans. To maximize your chances of being featured by the algorithm, however, you’ll need to comply with the following conditions:

  • Content that meets the editorial team’s criteria, with HD quality or better;
  • Non-suggestive media (pornography refused, erotica tolerated).

Your face must be visible, and no text or emojis are allowed in the content. Once again, simply respecting these rules will be enough for the moderation/editing team to choose your submission. You will be notified by e-mail on the morning of the feed so that you can take advantage of this exposure.

The SuperStar program

By rising to the top of the platform’s models, you can increase your income through the SuperStar program. To participate in the SuperStar program, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be active on the platform and have a certified account;
  • At least 50 of your subscribers must have been active in the previous month;
  • Publish at least two items on your feed every week;
  • Process each private media request, whether accepted or rejected, within 2 days;
  • Maintain a response rate to private media requests of over 90%.

By complying with these conditions, you should be admitted to the SuperStar program as soon as you are active on MYM and have a sizeable fan base.

What makes me want to join the SuperStar program?

Earning extra money is one of the many benefits, as well as the following:

  • 1% extra commission on your private media and subscribers;
  • The SuperStar badge so that everyone can see what a serious and reliable Creator you are;
  • Greater visibility in searches thanks to the SuperStars filter that members can use.

On the first day of each month, SuperStar status is granted for the rest of the following month.

MYM Ambassador Program

Another way to earn money with MYM is to sign up for the platform’s Ambassador program, which simply involves inviting new Designers to register with MYM.

By becoming a MYM Ambassador, you’ll have access to a personal link in your MYM profile to share with new people wishing to sign up as a Creator. Your unique link can be used to introduce Creators to MYM. You will receive 10% of the lifetime revenue generated by each registration made via your link, without reducing the Creator’s revenue. This commission will be paid directly to you by the MYM platform.

Once a new Creator registers on MYM For Fans, you can choose whether or not to help them develop their business. Although it’s not compulsory, helping a new Creator earn their first income and subscribers will also guarantee you a commission on their income.

With MYM, this is a fantastic way to increase your income.

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