MYM Fans Avis: why get started?

Register for free on the MYM For Fans platform, and generate your first revenues right away.
Share content with your community, or become an Ambassador and recruit Creators.


The MYM For Fans platform offers an attractive remuneration package to any creator wishing to get closer to the community.


MYM offers solid security guarantees to content creators, enabling them to practice their passion with complete peace of mind.


Get paid directly by your community by offering them exclusive content about your life and your passions.

Have you heard about the opportunities offered by platforms like OnlyFans and MYM Fans? Are you hesitating to take the plunge and would like to weigh up the pros and cons? Make sure you’ve also read our full MYM page to find out how the platform works in every detail. Find out more about the platform on this page, as well as our MYM Fans review!

MYM Fans Avis: starting out as a designer

First of all, it’s easy to get started with MYM. You’ll just need to carry out a few identity checks before you can get started, but these are simple and fairly standard.

Once you’ve done that, you can start publishing content on your profile, earn your first subscribers and start generating income.

It’s tempting to think that it’s hard to get started on MYM if you’re not already an influencer with several thousand followers on the networks. Not sure how MYM works? We’ll tell you all about it on our full MYM page! In reality, getting started on MYM can be easier than you might think, which contributes to our MYM review.Certainly, an influencer with already 50,000 followers on Instagram will have more success than an anonymous person. However, a person who is not known on social networks will still be able to build up an interesting subscriber base, provided they work seriously and apply the right methods.

MYM Fans Avis: developing your MYM account

If you’re not known on social networks, you’ll first need to publish a lot of content on your MYM profile so that it attracts Fans and encourages them to subscribe to you. Then you can create accounts on other social networks, or expand your accounts if you already have them. The objective here will be to make yourself known on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter or Redit, to develop your subscribers there and then encourage them to follow you on MYM Fans. We explain how to do this step by step on our Become a MYM Creator page, so don’t wait any longer!

Once you’ve done that, you can consider collaborating with other MYM Creators, also known as « Shoutouts ». The principle is simple: you’ll be looking for profiles of Creators who are also new to the platform, and who have a small number of subscribers. You can then offer them the chance to develop your mutual communities by regularly sharing content from both your accounts.

Designer A publishes one or more photos of Designer B to introduce him/her to his/her community. Designer B will do the same, and the two communities will each discover a different Designer, and potentially sign up to him or her.

MYM Fans Avis: how much does a designer earn?

Once a Creator has started on MYM and accumulated his first subscribers, he will earn his first income. There are several ways for a Creator to earn money on MYM.

The first will simply be the subscription his Fans will pay to see his content exclusively. Interestingly, this income will have the advantage of being recurrent and stable, since Fans will generally remain subscribed to the Creator for several months. The price of this subscription is freely defined by the Creator, and is generally around €10 to €20 per month. It’s a good idea to set it at an attractive rate to encourage as many Fans as possible to subscribe, or to regularly offer your followers a MYM promo code to encourage them to follow you on MYM.

The second source of revenue for a Creator will be push media. This is blurred content (photo or video) that the Creator can send to all their subscribers, past and present, with a single click. Subscribers will receive the blurred media directly in their inbox, and will then have the option of whether or not to pay extra to unlock it. This is one of the most interesting revenue streams on the MYM platform, as it can be set up quickly and easily for each Creator.

The third and final source of income for Creators is so-called private media. As Fans, your subscribers have the opportunity to ask you for customized content tailored to their wishes. As a Creator, you’ll have the option of accepting or refusing these requests, as well as freely defining the rate. This is generally the most important source of revenue for designers.

As you can see, the platform offers Designers a number of ways of generating an attractive income. Properly implemented and used, these 3 sources of income combined can enable Designers to generate substantial, comfortable income that is sustainable and stable over the long term.

MYM Fans Avis: the Ambassador program

In order to develop the platform more rapidly, the MYM fans teams have also set up what is known as the Ambassadors Program. This is an affiliation program open to all, with the aim of encouraging new members to register on the platform. As an Ambassador, you’ll earn 10% commission on the earnings of every Creator you sponsor, for life. If you’re interested, find out more about becoming a MYM Ambassador before you take the plunge! This commission will not be borne by the Creator, since the platform will pay these earnings directly to you. You’ll also be able to sponsor other Ambassadors, and this time earn 50% of their earnings, again paid directly by the platform.

In our opinion, MYM Fans is a great opportunity to generate a substantial income over the long term. Click here to sign up as a free Ambassador.

MYM Fans Avis: register as a Fan

If you simply want to register on the platform as a Fan, to follow your favorite personalities, we can only advise you to register in complete confidence. The MYM platform attaches great importance to the security and confidentiality of its users. You’ll be protected by MYM’s legal department, which guarantees complete anonymity on the platform. Another positive point is that the debits appearing on your bank account (when you purchase paid media or a subscription) will be in the name of AirMedia, the company managing the MYM platform. So there’s no need to worry about registering on MYM as a Fan.

MYM Fans Avis: the evolution of the platform

Since its launch in 2019, the MYM platform has gained considerable notoriety, and its number of users is constantly growing.

It appears that the platform receives no less than 7 million monthly visitors, which is quite an achievement, bearing in mind that this figure is growing every month.

There are more than 400,000 Creators on the platform, and over 8 million pieces of media created by them. In 2021, Creators even earned over 40 million euros, a formidable figure that should continue to rise over the coming months. The only black spot on the platform is the fact that many users try to obtain a free MYM by various means, but the platform is defending itself rather well and developing numerous methods to effectively combat data theft.

So now’s the perfect time to get started on MYM and create either a supplementary income, or a full-fledged salary if you wish! It’s perfectly possible to earn a few hundred euros a month, up to several tens of thousands of euros on a stable basis. It all depends on how hard you work.

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You can also ask us any questions you may have, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

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